Fastener Conversion

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I have to find a machine screw that fits into a threaded hole. 8-32 fits but does not thread correctly, so its probably a metric thread. Searching the web, I snagged this table from the Elgin fastener website. So it looks like I’ll have to get a M4 x .07 screw. Putting the table on my blog is a good way of knowing where I can find it!

Computers Add Like an Egyptian

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Just saw this video of mathematician Michael S. Schneider explaining how modern computers & ancient Egyptians share binary methods of arithmetic. Its really neat to see how multiplication & division are achieved using binary. So simple – yet so powerful!

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Edward Horsford photography

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Wow! Edward Horsford’s high speed photos of water balloons bursting are awesome!
Adding even more cool is the fact that he designed his own arduino based sound trigger to control strobes and camera.  There’s a great writeup about him on DIY Photography that tells a lot of his methods.

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