Flour Sacks!

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Sometimes I’m walking from one place to the next and I see the greatest graphics on a broccoli box or some other bulk packaging for food. Sometimes you just want to pick them all up and take them home! Now you don’t have to (at least with flour, anyway) The Flour Art Museum in Ahrensburg, Germany has an exhibit of flour sacks from around the world!

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NineStory Furniture’s Tatum Chair

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Andrew at  Nine Stories Furniture has finished his Piano Key Chair and it looks really nice!

Here is some text from Andrew’s press release:

Nine Stories is pleased to introduce Tatum’s Lounge, a project that explores the structural limits of a found group of parts, all similar but none the same, in the creation of a chair dedicated to the wonderful stride pianist Arthur Tatum.
Deemed “ the greatest pianist in any style” by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Art Tatum was a man of immeasurable talent who created sounds both wonderful and chaotic. Made up of 25 salvaged piano keys (and very little else) Tatum’s Lounge was over the course of 2 years built in an organic manner something like a Tatum piano solo; with both order and abandon.

Pete Waldman’s Wings

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Going through stuff that I forgot to post for awhile & came across this pic. My friend the insanely good balloon artist Pete Waldman was hired to make this awesome set of balloon wings for a Victoria’s Secret show back in November. Also notice the simple but cool balloon bracelet!

More pics from the show here.

DIY Snow Shovels

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While driving to Home Depot on Wednesday during all the snow I saw these guys shoveling the snow from a car wash lot with what looks to be 55-gallon plastic drums cut in half. They seemed to be useful in two configurations – as scoopers and as pushers.