NYC Parking Map

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I’ve always said that the primary challenge of construction work in a city can boil down to one word: LOGISTICS. In the city, getting stuff from point A to point B can be a royal pain. Not only that, but once you’ve arrived at point B, you have all new problems. Getting into the building and then up to the job-site is a completely different set of hurdles. Does the building have a work entrance? Does everybody on your crew have ID? Does all the stuff fit into the elevator? Did you bring a dolly so you can easily get the stuff TO the elevator? Did you arrive when the elevator operator is at lunch? ┬áNow say you are taking care of all this, what are you going to do with your vehicle? Did you bring enough people so one can sit in the vehicle, or do you have to find parking?

Need to know ahead of time what kind of parking rules you will find? Check out NYC’s DOT map portal. You can search for any address in the city and show parking signs in the neighborhood. For those of us with small to midsize projects, knowing stuff like this helps, especially when the cost of a parking ticket can easily cost above $100 per pop.


Dog Update

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Yep. Georgia’s still awesome.