Rebranding Teachers

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I’ve often thought that one of the great tragedies of the teaching profession lies in how teachers are perceived by the general public. So I was excited when I saw these great images at the Hyperakt website. WNYC’s Studio 360 asked them to create new visuals to help show teachers and teaching in a new light and I think they’re wonderful.

We began with a simple premise, that education is the key to human progress, therefore teaching is among the most important professions for humanity. Our new visual vocabulary should capture the excitement and magic of activating the potential that is innate in every student. It should celebrate the process of developing ideas, reflect the collaborative nature of teaching and pay homage to existing visual tools used in teaching.
Our solution is all about connecting the dots. Visual maps, like teachers, help learners brainstorm ideas, reveal relationships, explain processes, tell stories and much more. The visual language of these connected dots can be found in toys, in letter tracing, in classroom brainstorms, on the whiteboards of innovators, in maps, in molecular structures and beyond.

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Been busy over the past few months but I’m kicking back now with the dog to write a few blog posts.