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I’m spending too much time at the computer(s) doing detailing these days, so no work pix. Oh well. Links it is.


Computer Virus Catalog – a nice site that catalogs history’s computer viruses, along with cute graphics to make it less scary…

How to turn a pencil drawing into a capacitive sensor – who knew? (pencil = graphite = carbon = conductive-ish ….OK)

And a related : Pencil drawn Piano with Arduino.

Kinda related: A Banana Piano

 I LOVE this : The bttn : A stand-alone (and nice lookin) button that can interface with the web. Can’t wait to have a few.

I wish I’d thought of this, but I’ll settle for seeing it: An illuminated swing set at Green Mountain Falls in Colorado.

Funny : Things that don’t need to exist. I especially like the campfire phone battery charger.

Actually… now that I’m looking at it, the battery charger thing is kind-of awesome. I’d leave that off the “Don’t Need to Exist” list and put it on another titled: “Things that probably shouldn’t have to exist according to some pastoral set of ideals, but are pretty cool anyway.” Here’s a better link to it.