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Great story behind the NASA logo. (I always love the use of “Meatball” as a non-pasta descriptor)

– I’ve really got to try this paper blade in the Dremel thing! (Also: read the comments for some really useful thoughts on the use of abrasive disks to cut non-metallic materials)

– I always like to keep things in perspective -so I loved seeing this post which reduces smartphones as simply a 5th-order elaboration of Maxwell’s Theory, which is the true work of wonder which propels our modern world.

– Apparently there are only 5 things to look for when drawing.

– For those nerds wanting to go deep into a radioactive rabbit hole – here’s a heady analysis of plutonium found in a Soviet-era smoke detector.

– For you zombie apocalypse types: How to make gunpowder from urine.

This experiment reproduces some of the challenge to growing plants on Mars. The best part – you can do it while still here on Earth.

– This Nespresso Capsule Detector caught my eye.

– Never knew that UPS trucks never turn left. Does this apply even in NYC with all its one-way streets?

– Tips for those of you going on international flights but who don’t want to relinquish your personal data at the US border.

– Wow. The founder of Atari also created Chuck E. Cheese! Great article here at Fast Company about the legendary Nolan Bushnell.

– I still have not bought a 3D Printer, but I am always curious about how they are developing. This article is a little dated but still very good.

– Yay Drones! They’ve discovered new ancient earthworks in the Amazon rainforest!


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Origin Of Leatherman

–  My new favorite new thing on IG.
– That >||< Button in the elevator is just a placebo? WOW.
– This Instructable on How to check moisture content in wood with only a Multimeter is a really useful hack.
– If you are a fan of Steampunk art, here’s how to build a human heart (via notcot)
– The history of Leatherman is a great small business story   – and I really loved seeing the original Leatherman prototype (pic above) . (via notcot)
Extremely entertaining video on how to machine a cube to be (nearly) perfectly square.
Nice post from the wonderful Hackaday blog asking how today’s engineers match up to yesterday’s.
– Though I don’t really buy the whole “things were better back in the old days” line, this ancient Roman concrete recipe rocks!
– Insane home-made high-capacity capacitorsDo not try this at home (or ANYWHERE)!
– This time of the year reminds me of Hurricane Sandy, so this New York Magazine article is especially haunting.
– iOS 10 has loads of cool stuff.
– As if we need another reason to be wary of email links – if you lose your iPhone beware of scammers posing as Apple who attempt to steal your password.
– Every little bit helps: 101 Small ways you can improve your city (via swissmiss)


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I’m spending too much time at the computer(s) doing detailing these days, so no work pix. Oh well. Links it is.


Computer Virus Catalog – a nice site that catalogs history’s computer viruses, along with cute graphics to make it less scary…

How to turn a pencil drawing into a capacitive sensor – who knew? (pencil = graphite = carbon = conductive-ish ….OK)

And a related : Pencil drawn Piano with Arduino.

Kinda related: A Banana Piano

 I LOVE this : The bttn : A stand-alone (and nice lookin) button that can interface with the web. Can’t wait to have a few.

I wish I’d thought of this, but I’ll settle for seeing it: An illuminated swing set at Green Mountain Falls in Colorado.

Funny : Things that don’t need to exist. I especially like the campfire phone battery charger.

Actually… now that I’m looking at it, the battery charger thing is kind-of awesome. I’d leave that off the “Don’t Need to Exist” list and put it on another titled: “Things that probably shouldn’t have to exist according to some pastoral set of ideals, but are pretty cool anyway.” Here’s a better link to it.


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I want to go here  : The Glacier Skywalk at  Canada’s Jasper National Park

These allen keys are pretty cool – shaped like keys – but what I really want to see is this : double ended allen keys that have metric & inch sizes on the two ends. So you always have the right size and never try the gamble of using the wrong type (thus stripping it)

I wish I could see this show:  Nowhere & Everywhere at the Same Time #2   – William Forsythe’s market space filled with hundreds of swinging pendulums. Too bad its in Brighton, England.

Nice video of Adam Savage fabricating a quick-access Leatherman holster from some aluminum sheet metal. Nice thing is – it was a remake of something he made long ago, and its kind of sweet to see him going through the same design process as the rest of us – trial & error / running into unexpected problems & finding quick solutions. The final result isn’t what he wanted either – as it often the case for all of us who try to make.

Wanna make something cool out of wood but don’t have anything to measure with: Here’s everything you need in one fancy box : Lee Valley’s Veritas Marking & Measuring Kit. So nicely organized and clean looking….  ( It would surely all end up dirty & scattered among many bags & drawers in no time if it were mine!)



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View from Jobsite – Midtown Manhattan

Video of a carpenter with no hands – he does all the work using only his feet. I love watching him use the grinder to sand the wood.

Volvo’s inflatable child seat concept  for cars – the deflated unit folds into its own backpack. Awesome… don’t know if they will actually sell them or if its just a proof of concept thing.

Early Jim Henson video of a robot – for an AT&T ad.

An awesome chandelier with glowing pickles hooked up to high voltage! While you’re at it you should check out the webpage of the folks who did this – Bompas & Parr. They seem to specialize in event planning & installations with food. Think Neon & Jello. Their images are gorgeous – and they have put together some incredible events/projects etc.

Photographers document NYC locations 10 years apart. Fom 2nd Ave Deli to a Chase bank. Alas.