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View from Jobsite – Midtown Manhattan

Video of a carpenter with no hands – he does all the work using only his feet. I love watching him use the grinder to sand the wood.

Volvo’s inflatable child seat concept  for cars – the deflated unit folds into its own backpack. Awesome… don’t know if they will actually sell them or if its just a proof of concept thing.

Early Jim Henson video of a robot – for an AT&T ad.

An awesome chandelier with glowing pickles hooked up to high voltage! While you’re at it you should check out the webpage of the folks who did this – Bompas & Parr. They seem to specialize in event planning & installations with food. Think Neon & Jello. Their images are gorgeous – and they have put together some incredible events/projects etc.

Photographers document NYC locations 10 years apart. Fom 2nd Ave Deli to a Chase bank. Alas.