IPod Oscilliscope

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Want one of these. Wow.

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Awesome USB Interfacing

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It is not easy to create a seamless USB interface device using the Arduino environment. From my somewhat limited experience with Arduino (and Mac OS X in my case), any USB interfacing you do will be read as a serial device, making it a clunky method to create devices as essential as keyboards or game controllers.

It looks like those days may be over though.  There’s an awesome example over at the Make website of a new development/interface board called  Teensy USB. They hacked the Staples “Easy” button to insert synonyms to the word “awesome” in any document being written.

Both models have an AVR ATMEGA processor, and it looks to be quite compatible with the Arduino environment and many software platforms. Arduino compatability is achieved through the Teensyduino add-on  and the microcode loading software –  Teensy Loader – is available for Mac OS X, Linux, Win XP & Win 7/Vista.

Sadly I have not yet been able to try this but I can already think of a few projects in which I WOULD have used it.  More soon….

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