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Haiti Nuts & Bolts

Photo of Hardware seller in Haiti – I’ll never take Home Depot for granted again

Nice Video of a backhoe loader getting onto a truck bed without a ramp. Ramp? Who needs a ramp?

While looking for info on my newest tool purchase – the Fein Multimaster, I found a pretty cool site for tool reviews – Tool Snob.

Grinders are awesome tools to have on the jobsite, and here’s a new tool to put on yours: the Arbortech Turboplane. It’s a circular planer for freehand work. Dunno what I’d use it for but it looks quite cool!

Wagner Metals

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Wagner Metals


I need some new resources for architectural metal parts so I just ordered the Wagner Metals catalog and just wanted to share the awesome cover. Kinda got a bad-ass cartoon-y thing going on…