Work these Days

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The last years have seen so many changes – It’s been so long since I’ve actually made anything. These days most of what I do is 3D modelling with Solidworks and creating shop drawings for a few metal fabrication clients. Every once in awhile I get a small fabrication job or installation, but it’s all a spin of the mouse now-adays….


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I’ve had this weird drill bit banging around my tool bags for years now – still in the original packaging. It’s the Frankenstein monster of the drill bits – more like a roughing mill that you can use to remove material in tight spots. Bought it because it looked useful but I guess I kept forgetting about it until recently. I’m installing some 1/4″ stainless counters in an apartment – and at each seam I attach a 1/4-20 bolt into nuts welded to the underside of the metal. Sometimes locating the holes accurately can be a little finicky and I need to slightly adjust the hole without moving the heavy metal plate above. So this handy FrankenDrill is actually the perfect tool – and luckily I had it on hand and remembered to use it!

Happy Holidays!