Solidworks – Keyboard Quick Hack

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I am always struggling to make things easier when creating models. This week I am experimenting – I have remapped my “~” key to be a decimal point. This way I don’t always have to move my left hand off the keyboard when entering dimensions. So far it has been pretty helpful. (The silly label you see is only for this pic)

I use the SharpKeys program to change the mapping – which has been pretty handy over the years, since I like to use an Apple keyboard on a Windows machine AND I use the incredible SYNERGY software to allow me to control both mac & pc with same keyboard/mouse.

UPDATE 10/27/16: This hack┬ábegan to be unreliable – causing lots of erratic keyboard behavior, so I abandoned the attempt. Instead I bought a wireless numeric keypad to put on the left side of my keyboard, which is a much better long term solution.

Solidworks Tip

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Tip of the day : when dimensioning to a circle in a sketch, if you hold down the shift key it will dimension to the circle edge, instead of the (default) center of the circle.