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Been doing some job-site TIG welding of stainless lately and it’s a pain to have to sharpen tips all the time with a grinder or whatever, plus theres all sorts of nasty contamination from the grinders. Just saw this video on a chemical product called Chem-Sharp which will chemically do the sharpening of a TIG electrode. Pretty bad-ass method. Heat the electrode, and just dip it into the jar several times to create a beautiful tapered tip.


Amazin Blaze Welding Service

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Just saw this video at the fantastic Welding Tips & Tricks. A welder by the name of Glen David Thornton ( “Amazin Blaze” to his friends) pitches his skills. Enjoy.

Hurricane Sandy in Red Hook

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Although Wilsonbuilt is now in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, I still know many folks with homes & businesses in Red Hook who suffered massive amounts of water damage during last week’s hurricane. Floods swept through the neighborhood, filling basements & buildings with briny water and large areas are still without power, telephone, heat, or plumbing.

On the water’s edge in particular things are very bad – with flood waters in excess of five feet sweeping through businesses as though walls & doors did not exist. Lots of beautiful equipment was destroyed in an instant.

Nevertheless things must go on and folks are cleaning up & sorting through the remains to see what can be salvaged or thrown out. I myself have been wrestling to restore to life a forklift that was submerged. Each day ends in some sort of success (it starts!) and the next begins with a setback (it doesn’t start anymore!). New item for Hurricane checklist: disconnect batteries from equipment….

Despite all the depressing events, I was amazed the other day when a crowd of fantastic volunteers organized by Red Hook Initiative swept through the building, helping to clean & sort & dry. A gang of super nice volunteers from all over the metro area, they got right down to the dirty work & were such a great help in helping move forward! Hooray!