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Origin Of Leatherman

–  My new favorite new thing on IG.
– That >||< Button in the elevator is just a placebo? WOW.
– This Instructable on How to check moisture content in wood with only a Multimeter is a really useful hack.
– If you are a fan of Steampunk art, here’s how to build a human heart (via notcot)
– The history of Leatherman is a great small business story   – and I really loved seeing the original Leatherman prototype (pic above) . (via notcot)
Extremely entertaining video on how to machine a cube to be (nearly) perfectly square.
Nice post from the wonderful Hackaday blog asking how today’s engineers match up to yesterday’s.
– Though I don’t really buy the whole “things were better back in the old days” line, this ancient Roman concrete recipe rocks!
– Insane home-made high-capacity capacitorsDo not try this at home (or ANYWHERE)!
– This time of the year reminds me of Hurricane Sandy, so this New York Magazine article is especially haunting.
– iOS 10 has loads of cool stuff.
– As if we need another reason to be wary of email links – if you lose your iPhone beware of scammers posing as Apple who attempt to steal your password.
– Every little bit helps: 101 Small ways you can improve your city (via swissmiss)