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I want to go here  : The Glacier Skywalk at  Canada’s Jasper National Park

These allen keys are pretty cool – shaped like keys – but what I really want to see is this : double ended allen keys that have metric & inch sizes on the two ends. So you always have the right size and never try the gamble of using the wrong type (thus stripping it)

I wish I could see this show:  Nowhere & Everywhere at the Same Time #2   – William Forsythe’s market space filled with hundreds of swinging pendulums. Too bad its in Brighton, England.

Nice video of Adam Savage fabricating a quick-access Leatherman holster from some aluminum sheet metal. Nice thing is – it was a remake of something he made long ago, and its kind of sweet to see him going through the same design process as the rest of us – trial & error / running into unexpected problems & finding quick solutions. The final result isn’t what he wanted either – as it often the case for all of us who try to make.

Wanna make something cool out of wood but don’t have anything to measure with: Here’s everything you need in one fancy box : Lee Valley’s Veritas Marking & Measuring Kit. So nicely organized and clean looking….  ( It would surely all end up dirty & scattered among many bags & drawers in no time if it were mine!)