Canal Rubber Mug

Canal Rubber Mug
Canal Rubber is one of those indispensable supply stores here in nyc, one of the last remaining useful resources in lower Manhattan. I was just picking up some rubber sheeting today (a quick – but hot – bike ride away) and spotted this beauty behind the counter. They’ve faithfully reproduced the storefront sign on a coffee mug! They just got their first batch of them made and I think its gorgeous.


iCufflinks – nice

Adafruit industries is quickly becoming one of my favorite resources for electronics and in particular for electronics related knowledge.

They also make stuff. Like these nifty LED cufflinks – iCufflinks – that they’ve just released. The LED inside pulses just like your mac’s sleep indicator, which they say is “reverse engineered.” I admire anybody who admits to reverse engineering Apple tech without worrying about Steve Jobs’ long arm of the lawyer…

Anyway they’re the first tasteful example of wearable electronics. Period.

via Crunchgear

brandontreb Developers Blog

Doing research for a software/hardware related job (first one in quite awhile…. maybe the economy IS picking up…) and found this very helpful blog with some extremely helpful posts. Specifically, I’m looking into a project that requires me to develop code that will send Twitter posts depending on such & such actions. Found this site via  his blog postings regarding developing Twitter apps.

Couldn’t find an “about” link though – so I don’t know who this mysterious fellow is though.

Flour Sacks!

Sometimes I’m walking from one place to the next and I see the greatest graphics on a broccoli box or some other bulk packaging for food. Sometimes you just want to pick them all up and take them home! Now you don’t have to (at least with flour, anyway) The Flour Art Museum in Ahrensburg, Germany has an exhibit of flour sacks from around the world!

via notcot