iCufflinks – nice

Adafruit industries is quickly becoming one of my favorite resources for electronics and in particular for electronics related knowledge.

They also make stuff. Like these nifty LED cufflinks – iCufflinks – that they’ve just released. The LED inside pulses just like your mac’s sleep indicator, which they say is “reverse engineered.” I admire anybody who admits to reverse engineering Apple tech without worrying about Steve Jobs’ long arm of the lawyer…

Anyway they’re the first tasteful example of wearable electronics. Period.

via Crunchgear

LED Dress

This is a really nice wearable LED dress designed & prototyped by Cutecircuit in the UK. Really impressive work. According to Ecouterre there are 24,000 LEDs that each measure 2×2 millimeters. Add 4 layers of silk and a few thousand Swarovski crystals and you’ve got something really gorgeous. If you want to see it in person, it is on permanant display at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.

via Inhabitat