Laura Boffi’s Air Conditioning with Felt


Wow. Air Conditioning that is low-tech, and crafty all at the same time.

Made by Laura Boffi, a recent graduate from the design academy eindhoven, it uses wool felt from native Sardinian sheep. The wool curtain is to be kept in front of open windows or doors and kept wet via a system of cermaic tanks and a foot pump.

As an added bonus the wet felt can be used to grow plants, a vertical garden.

via designboom

The Baus are back!

Yep. Bauhaus show at MOMA

got the nice image from but does it float, and I like their text:

We hated Bauhaus. It was a bad time in architecture. They just didn’t have any talent. All they had were rules. Even for knives and forks they created rules. Picasso would never have accepted rules. The house is like a machine? No! The mechanical is ugly. The rule is the worst thing. You just want to break it.

Achraf Kassioui drawings



Achraf Kassioui’s portfolio site is an exploration of concepts relating to animation and robotics. What I like is the gorgeous, low tech manner that he employs. The drawings, whimsical and groundless, are of imaginary systems that represent ideas important to any robot such as balance, speed, thrust, etc. Like it or not, robotic developments are quickly advancing.  It is awesome to see someone looking at them in such a personal, human way.

David Bryrne’s Building


What is there to Say? very impressive. Even more so when you see it up close.

Oh…. What’s that… you don’t know what this is? Well its an “organ” installed in the Maritime building down in southern Manhattan, way down there at the tip. Mr. Byrne’s installed Pipe “flutes” in the building and rigged solenoids to knock & vibrate the building in key locations. Not just cool concept, It actually sounded good in the right hands.