Happy Mill

Posted: December 21st, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Blog | Comments Off on Happy Mill

It’s been waaaaay too long. After 3 years or so of having my Bridgeport mill, I’ve so far been unable to properly lubricate the ways. Partially this is because I did not have the proper lubricants and partially because the operation requires a rather unique tool – an oil pump that fits onto the “Zerk” fittings on the bridgeport. Luckily I found a Bridgeport Mill Lubrication Kit on Ebay which comes with all the proper oils for the different areas of the mill. Once I had that I did a quick conversion of a grease gun to an old oil gun that had been lying around my shop (I probably bought it years ago at a yard sale when I still had my GMC).

What a great satisfaction I felt watching the black guck ooze from out of the ways as the shiny golden oil was pumped in!