Invisible Craftsmanship

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Dremel Wrench
Here’s a pic of Andrew Rumpler’s mod to a Dremel collet wrench. He did it because he was frustrated that he could not pick up the wrench while he was wearing gloves. So here’s his beautifully done solution – putting half dowels on the sides, cutting tiny grooves and wrapping them together with string. I think he also epoxied them on and  applied some lacquer. This is why I love checking out the Nine Stories shop. It’s filled with the normal detritus of making, but in his case all the jigs, tools, tables etc are beautifully crafted.
Now I get the whole wearing gloves thing – I can imagine I might get frustrated too and want to deal with the problem. But – if it were me I would have just slapped some epoxy putty on the thing and then called it a day.  I also would be super embarrassed if anyone happened to see it….
So hats off to all you who make things beautiful even when there’s no need, you’re not getting paid to do it, and  when no one will ever see.