LED Production Innovations

LEDs are great. They’re bright and last forever. But are they ready to replace light bulbs?

Last year we tried to come up with an economical way to put LED lights into fixtures for a designer but there really wasn’t much out there that fit into a good budget. There’s a ton of products out there for LED lighting but so far none have seemed to provide enough illumination at a price that can compete with incandescent or compact fluorescent. What is more, LEDs require pretty advanced circuitry to dim them and they require expensive power supplies. Though we might have missed something, LED lighting as a practical solution seemed a few years away.

This article in the Economist provides a glimpse into how LEDs work and what the future of LED lighting may be. It details some new developments in production methods of LEDs which could lead to significant cost reductions. Most significantly it tells about a new process which can replace the (expensive) sapphire substrates with (cheaper) silicon ones.

David Bryrne’s Building


What is there to Say? very impressive. Even more so when you see it up close.

Oh…. What’s that… you don’t know what this is? Well its an “organ” installed in the Maritime building down in southern Manhattan, way down there at the tip. Mr. Byrne’s installed Pipe “flutes” in the building and rigged solenoids to knock & vibrate the building in key locations. Not just cool concept, It actually sounded good in the right hands.

Intelligence of Crows


I read a headline on the NY Times website about the intelligence of Crows, and I didn’t think much about it until I saw this video on the TED Talks website. Truly amazing to see a video of a crow make a hook so it can retrieve food out of a vase. Oh and the crows in Japan that crack nuts by dropping them into busy traffic. Then the crow waits at the curb until the light changes so it can walk into the road to retrieve its snack.